Outcome & Ambition

Module 4. Project 2. Week 12.

Project story, evaluation and conclusion

I have now produced a number of final outputs in response to the industry set competition brief from Adidas. I have produced a full prototype, designed products, video advertisement and poster.

This week is a chance for me to reflect on what I have achieved and what I could have done differently if I had the chance.


The practitioners were asked, how does project evaluation help them and their client/audience measure the effectiveness of your final outcome?

It is useful at the end of a project to sit down, (after you have celebrated the success of the project and its outcome) and discuss the project from start to finish. With both the team you are working with and even the client. Take time to talk about how the project developed and what went well and what could have been improved.

Continuing to ask questions about the project while it’s still fresh in my mind will help me develop my skills for the future and learn how to better work through my next project. 


  1. Record a five minute presentation to analyse and evaluate the development of your chosen Industry Set project brief.

  2. Reflect on the project evolution, strategy, innovation, user testing, positioning and final delivery.

  3. Record your presentation in the format or media of your choice (for example, a Keynote slide presentation, video recording, podcast or website).

  4. Ensure you articulate the project’s relationship to its original research and strategic starting point.

My Evaluation

For the second brief of this module, I had to select a set brief from 3 design competitions given to me or find my own if I preferred. The Adidas project jumped out at me. This brief took my attention as it was very specific. The details were all outlined and the question was clear. I also found this topic interesting as I have never worked on a brief like this before. I had to answer quite simply; what’s the relationship between the city, the sport, the issue? And respond to this with a product, a campaign, or experience.

After the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, we had the first taste of what could be a future of women’s equal support in the sport. The nation stood up and became aware of our team for the first time. Countries such as America, South Africa, New Zealand have already gained the support of their nation. England are still a few steps behind. I instantly knew I wanted to focus on, London. Football. Equal sport for women.

Nike released the advert, Dream Further before the FIFA Women’s World Cup this summer. It sends shivers down my spine every time I watch it. Its powerful campaign inspired women to stand up for themselves, children to have an opportunity and be fearless, men to see they have competition. This campaign was one of many that highlighted the passion and strength of women in the game. This is what I wanted to produce for this project.

After a lot of time researching the topic and find out more about the issue itself, I had to then narrow down my ideas into 3 separate routes that I could take the project.

Her pride of London – which focused on London women who helped make our place in history. Ahead of her time – Which mimicked the rate of development for our women with technology that empowered our youth. It’s about time –  highlighting the achievements already made by women in sport, acknowledging that we have come so far but reminding and inspiring young women there is still so much more to go.

I interviewed my sister, a 16-year-old footballer who trained at Chelsea academy for two years and has played for Fulham, Wimbledon, and currently Whyteleafe FC. She enjoyed all three routes, however, she helped me to realise that these ideas could easily overlap. She saw the most potential in the ‘it’s about time’ campaign. However, the other two ideas, of the women of the past and future technology could easily be integrated or used as a tool for this campaign.

I initial thoughts at this point was to start producing work, this led to me illustrating some of the women from London history. These illustrations seemed like a good tool to base my ideas off. I experimented with sketching shirts and how sensors or technology could work into it. Getting a better feel for what the project could be. I liked the outcomes of the women however I wanted to focus more on what they achieved rather than the women themselves. So I thought a better route to take this idea was to produce some patterns that illustrated what they did or achieved for women. These illustrations came out extremely well and was great content for me to experiment with. Inspired by the recent Chelsea football kit, I wanted to apply the patterns to shirts and apparel. I experiment with this idea and this produced very successful outcomes.

I ordered an Adidas white football training top and football socks. These were perfect products for applying designs as there was so much white space. While I waited for the products to arrive, I had to start thinking about how I would actually apply the design. I thought about a number of routes, the easiest and most precise for a single prototype was to do it by hand. Although I wanted to experiment with lino printing while I was waiting and had the chance.

I cut ‘It’s About Time’ into the lino in the Adidas typeface. This took some time as I haven’t experimented with this media for years, so was fun to try something new. I tested printing on card as well as some scrap pieces of fabric. It quickly became obvious that I am not the best at lino printing as the prints were very scruffy. Once the items arrived I was able to begin adding the slogan. I hand-applied the text using a black marker. This took a lot of time, although the outcome was worth it as this resulted in a precise and high-quality application.

I started illustrating the slogan onto the clothes last week and this was the outcome after I fully added the pattern, illustration and name for Helen Sherman. I was extremely pleased with this outcome. The designs had finally come to life. Mocking up the designs digitally is always good to get an idea of how something will look. But you never get a full picture until the tangible item is in front of you.

Having this product in front of me gave me more ideas and more inspiration of what else I could produce. More products such as a full training kit, a full England football kit, loungewear, sports bras, trainers or football boots, keeper gloves. I could even take it further and design supporters items such as flags, scarfs, blankets, bedding, pyjamas, and so on. Although the possibilities are endless, the main thing I am focusing on here is getting the design perfected.

I have put together a video to highlight the issue of equality within football. I wanted to support and inspire young women by taking inspiration from the women who have paved the way to allow us to be in the position we are in. But also remind us how there is still a long way to go. To continue to push & develop.

I am extremely happy with the outcome of this video. It tells a story while inspiring you. The quick pace of the women in football making their way in history is mirrored with the quick pace of the video. This is really aided by the short and powerful footage of my sister playing football. 

If I had more time I would have like to get more people wearing the kit, more girls and women, and even men. This would have shown more variety in the target audience, showing that this is a concern for everyone, not just women. I would have also liked to have more than one scene, different fields, pitches, an actual football pitch. Possibly supporters in the stands wearing the shirt. 

My full outcome for this project, the prototype for the kit, the digital designs, the video and finally the poster have all come together to form a successful campaign that responds directly and clearly to my industry set brief.


I feel I have worked directly and to the brief set by me. I have answered the clear questions asked in the Adidas brief. It was a very different project than my self initiated project as I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to produce, whereas here I was given limited choice for my output. This gave me more direction and focus into a specific area to research.

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