Design Development (week 2)

Module 4. Brief 2. Week 11

Peer reflection, thinking by doing, testing and refining design

My final outcome for this project is now close to completion. I have now finalised my kit designs, producing multiple options.

I have nearly finalised a video to highlight the issue I am addressing and market the product I have designed. I am also nearly finished putting together the final product designs. I am at a point where I can collate the different outputs I have produced into a full campaign. 

I want to gather everything that I have done so far, look over what I have done since the start of this brief and ask why I have done what I have. I want to also evaluate if my routes were the best options for me and ask myself if I could go back, what would I do differently? 

I have the opportunity this week to tweak my ideas and shape them to my final outcome and put all that I have produced into both my final PDF and video. 


This week the practitioners were asked ‘How do you respond to critical feedback and how is it delivered back to your team?’

They inspired me to think deeper about this topic. Designers have to learn to take feedback and use it as a tool to develop. Positive feedback does not help shape my project in any way so I prefer to have creative criticism that will allow me to improve. 

Looking back at a project after months or even just weeks, I can see things that I didn’t see before because I was looking too hard at it. When you are constantly working on a project it is hard to see the bigger picture. Allowing feedback from other people is a much more efficient and time-saving way of doing just that. Allowing others to come up with new ideas that could help develop your project and push it further is one of the greatest tools and a vital part of the project. 

It might hurt to have your new ideas put down or dismissed, but sometimes this is the most valuable advice. So it is not only about listening to the advice someone may give, but it is also about taking it on boards and doing something with it. 

If I had more time I would have liked to experiment further with motion graphics, moving image, and possibly making some interesting animations that will highlight the message and story that I am telling through my  


Screenshot 2019-12-08 at 13.35.55.png

I loved these iron on patches designed by Studio Moross [1] to highlight the strength of the England Women’s team. Such a great idea as you can add the patch to any item of clothing! doesn’t have to be specifically football related.
Having an item that is so transferable means you can reach a larger target audience. Designing a football boot is great for example but you arent reaching everyone – which is why most brands design trainers that look the same as the football boots so it is inclusive; such as preditors.


  1. Seek key stakeholder feedback to ensure your project answers the original project brief, strategy and target audience.

  2. Respond to this feedback and refine the design of your final outcome.

This week I have to gather feedback from sources that will aid me in developing my designs into their final outputs. I have decided to gather feedback from my sister’s football team who have kindly helped me by evaluating my project outcomes so far.

I presented them with the videos, kit designs and my initial prototype experiments to give them a better insight into my project. I got a lot of positive and critical feedback that will definitely help me in developing this project further.

The Feedback.

They gave mostly positive feedback which was great to hear. They liked the story behind the product and the reason for selecting the women that I did. They wanted to know who else I would pick if I could do more and how this campaign might grow. “Would there be women that have made a difference that isn’t known to the public, such as nominating a single mother struggling to feed her kids but making ends meet? or a 5-year-old who won a sports day event”. This could be something I would really love to look into further. This could even lead onto customised shirts, being able to make a shirt as a gift for someone with their name and illustration on the back.

Some girls suggested that the woman’s face on the back ruined the design of the kit slightly. Saying that they would have it but it is a bit strange to have someone else face on their kit. Which completely makes sense, although changes my original idea completely, as the whole campaign is built on this idea.

Many of the girls thought the video was a great idea. With many of them mentioning that they follow brands and football apparel accounts on Instagram and Twitter, among other social media (however, this was the most common). The thought that when recording the video I should try to get a lot of low angle shots as this is very common for football ads. They suggested motion shots such as running with the footballer or around the footballer.

Now I had this feedback I wanted to go ahead and experiment and develop on this to finalise my outputs for this project.

The Prototype.

I started illustrating the slogan onto the clothes last week and this was the outcome after I fully added the pattern, illustration and name for Helen Sherman. I was extremely pleased with this outcome. The designs had finally come to life. Mocking up the designs digitally is always good to get an idea of how something will look. But you never get a full picture until the tangible item is in front of you.

Having this product in front of me gave me more ideas and more inspiration of what else I could produce. More products such as a full training kit, a full England football kit, loungewear, sports bras, trainers or football boots, keeper gloves. I could even take it further and design supporters items such as flags, scarfs, blankets, bedding, pyjamas, and so on. Although the possibilities are endless, the main thing I am focusing on here is getting the design perfected.

Final Video Outcome.

I have put together a video to highlight the issue of equality within football. I wanted to support and inspire young women by taking inspiration from the women who have paved the way to allow us to be in the position we are in. But also remind us how there is still a long way to go. To continue to push & develop. I used as much of the feedback as possible when shooting the footage and compiling it into this one video. Using as many actions, movement and skill-shots as possible.

I am extremely happy with the outcome of this video. It tells a story while inspiring you. The quick pace of the women in football making their way in history is mirrored with the quick pace of the video. This is really aided by the short and powerful footage of my sister playing football. 

If I had more time I would have like to get more people wearing the kit, more girls and women, and even men. This would have shown more variety in the target audience, showing that this is a concern for everyone, not just women. I would have also liked to have more than one scene, different fields, pitches, an actual football pitch. Possibly supporters in the stands wearing the shirt. 

Final Product Design.

I have produced 5 designs for the ‘It’s About Time’ campaign. Based on the five women I select who have made a difference for women in London, national and global history. This is one of the product designs for the ‘Charlotte Cooper’ range. I designed a shirt, a football training top and football socks.

If I had more time I would have produced a wider range of products. I have the campaign and content I could apply to more products, although I wanted to focus on a smaller amount so I could perfect the design.



Final Publication Outcomes.

I wanted to design some still visuals as well as the video that could be used as posters, on billboards, or on social media. I think the images I got during the filming were so strong and are great at expressing the strength of today’s youth, that they would work perfectly.

Screenshot 2019-12-08 at 13.41.36.png

I produced a variety of designs to illustrate the campaign. I kept the text the same as the video and the product so everything is on-brand. There wasn’t too much I could change other than the layout. The final poster design I selected had the text behind the model and pushing in front of the goal. This highlighted both the woman and the kit she was wearing. I then laid out the text at the bottom of the poster, the same way I wrote the text in the video. However, did not have enough room to have every word or name I used. I continued the text until it fell off the page, representing the fact that there are so many more.

This metaphor within the layout felt the most suitable for this project which is why I felt it best fit for this project. 


I have now also produced outcomes for a marketing campaign for ‘It’s About Time’ using a full prototype, product design, video advertisement and poster. The feedback that I gathered this week has seriously helped me develop this project to its final outcome. I have collated the different outputs and have produced a full campaign. I am very happy with how everything has finally come together this week. Everything has seemed to fit into place. 

There is still so much I wish I could do if I had the time, such as experiment with customisation or personalised apparel, product packaging design, and other social media outputs. However, knowing this isn’t all plausible I am glad I have got myself to the position where I had designed enough content that I can see where I could go with this and what else I could do with this project.





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