Design development (Week 1)

Module 4. Brief 2. Week 10.

Peer reflection, thinking by doing, testing and refining design

This week I will be exploring design development. I have researched and explored the different routes I could go down and developed a sound brief that I feel works with the Adidas Brief. 

I have now finalised my concept for this project. I have patterns and illustrations to use with apparel to produce a product outcome. 

This week I want to refine my brand campaign, ‘it’s about time’. I Iack time to develop a sound campaign as well as design apparel during this 8-week block. However, I hope to apply some tests or short moving image indents that would work to explain and upsell my product line. This may only be a 15-second piece, but it may work to summarise the reasoning behind the product and tell its story.

I also need to focus on peer reflection and user testing. This will help me refine my final ideas into a tangible one. 


The practitioners were asked to identify and explain a development process/activity where they had to evolve a more revolutionary approach to solve a project. Their responses were all very unique and refined. Most practitioners spoke about projects which they worked collaboratively to produce the outcome.

This I can assume is because of the nature of pushing boundaries and stepping out of comfort zones when working with someone in a different field to your own. 

This is a very short 8-week project, however, if I had the time I could have collaborated with a woman football team or a development academy. Although it wouldn’t be a creative collaboration, it would have opened my eyes to the side of the project that I currently do not have. 


What is the most effective form of development for your project?

Currently, I’m at the point in my project where I am stuck between designing a product and advertising it. It seems to be a catch 22, but I am going to continue developing this project by experimenting and trying new things.

I now want to produce a full prototype of a football training kit so I can produce some footage for marketing the product. I also want to tell the story behind the product and highlight the issue I am focusing on.


  1. Design your selected project concept and engage with key stakeholders to prototype and user test your developments.

  2. Collaborate with key stakeholders to gather feedback; evaluate this feedback to ensure your project is in line with the original brief, strategy and target audience.

  3. Make prototypes and user test your design developments.

I needed to begin thinking of prototyping my product. I wanted to focus on the campaign, but I need a product to use within the marketing. So I decided to purchase an Adidas white football training top and football socks. These were perfect products for applying designs as there was so much white space. 


While I waited for the products to arrive, I had to start thinking about how I would actually apply the design. I thought about a number of routes, the easiest and most precise for a single prototype was to do it by hand. Although I wanted to experiment with lino printing while I was waiting and had the chance.

I cut ‘It’s About Time’ into the lino in the Adidas typeface. This took some time as I haven’t experimented with this media for years, so was fun to try something new. I tested printing on card as well as some scrap pieces of fabric. 


It quickly became obvious that I am not the best at lino printing as the prints were very scruffy.

Once the items arrived I was able to begin adding the slogan. The video above shows how I hand-applied the text using a black marker. This took a lot of time, although the outcome was worth it.

Screenshot 2019-12-07 at 21.36.17

I have updated my layout since my initial design as people have given feedback that the illustration should be larger. So I used this layout and chose Helen Sherman to be used on this prototype kit.



The Campaign.

I have continuously said that I need to focus on the campaign and its story to advertise and explain the product and branding. So I want to compile some short sentences to make a short moving image video to explain what it is all about. 

  • We are London
  • We are Women
  • We are strong, intelligent, …
  • We are Ada Lovelace, Helen Sherman, …
  • It’s about time

These young footballers are taking inspiration from the women of our past who and walking in their footsteps, making history together.


I am really happy with the outcome of this first animated piece. It explains the background and idea that I am getting across quickly and sharply. It needs to be quick. It needs to be to the point right away

However, it doesn’t explain the product or sport. I want to shoot some footage of the kit being worn so I can make some short examples of how the campaign might look from an all-round point of view.

The apparel itself will be a product, but without marketing, the product would be meaningless. I wanted to get some ideas on how to shoot the product. So I have been watching a few past Adidas clothing adverts to pick up some ideas. 


This week I have given my project more direction. Understanding what it is that I have to do to make a product’s story come to life. I have tested new designs, new media, and produced a full prototype for my project to work with and continue to develop next week.

I am looking forward to next week when I will begin filming some footage to develop my current video. I also want to get some feedback from people in the field to get some of their initial thoughts, opinions, and maybe some ideas for final changes that I could make.

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