Concept development (Week 2)

Module 4. Brief 2. Week 9.

Methodologies for thinking and development processes

Last week I began experimenting with my initial concepts for my chosen Adidas project brief. I selected my route of, ‘It’s about time!’ Highlighting monumental London women through time that have made a difference to equality for women. I am very excited to begin working and developing this idea into a final piece or campaign.

This week I will be honing in on one idea and develop and experiment with the different areas within my project, such as producing patterns, the apparel design, and designing the campaign as a whole.

I will also begin putting together my two outputs that are required by the end of this module:

  1. start designing the pdf and putting together the video
  2. write up a blog post for the video transcript


This week the creative practitioners were asked to describe a case study when innovative design thinking and fresh insight enabled a surprising project outcome.

Thinking outside of the box has always been a known way of creating something special. All of the practitioners recommended producing a tone of tests and experiments. The more mistakes I produce the more I can learn from them and develop them. 

Trying something or doing something I am not used to can open your eyes and imagination to something I would have never experienced before. This can be revolutionary for most designers, which is why its such a vital part of a project’s process.


How do you ensure you are not risk averse in order to encourage more innovative thinking or fresh insights?

Thinking about this question we have been asked this week, I wanted to explore the ways I will bridge gaps and try new things. This project as a whole is encouraging me to try new things as I have selected a project so out of my comfort zone. Everything I am producing is something new. But I am going to continue to push myself to experiment with new media and produce multiple routes of work.


1. Select one of your design concepts, which you think will successfully answer your chosen project brief.

2. Research innovative design thinking, format, media and production methods to gain a fresh insight into your project direction.


Inspired by the recent Chelsea kit, pictured to the left, I wanted to produce illustrations for each inspirational woman I selected last week. Producing a pattern that focuses more on what they achieved rather than the women herself, to highlight the movement and not a specific set of people.

I knew that designing patterns that would clearly represent the five different movements would be quite difficult – but once I started drawing (in the same style I did with the women last week), I picked it up quite well.


Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 07.09.21.png

These illustrations placed alongside the drawing of the women made sense and you could clearly understand the thought process. However, when the patterns were alone, they looked quite abstract and subtle. This seemed to be the best of both worlds. I want to design apparel that makes a statement about women in football using their kits, but I also want to make an interesting and fashionable kit that looks awesome without knowing its story.

Testing the patterns on both black and white backgrounds gave me an initial look at how the pattern would work on both black football shorts or white training tops.

I began visualising how these patterns might look if I simply pasted these patterns on shirts. They work, they look interesting, and they look eye-catching because they are unique. But do they make a statement or tell the story behind it. No.

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 17.39.57

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 17.40.29

The shirts need to look unique and fashionable from a distance – but when you get closer, they need to be telling us a story. By putting my chosen slogan on the back of the shirt, as well as the name and illustration of the woman that the pattern represents, the shirt already begins to have more meaning. This is a rough first idea, so it isn’t perfect, but I can already see that I need more of a story behind the apparel before I can develop it any further.

I believe I am quite close to finalising the clothing, as I now have all the content I need. I now need to focus on the campaign itself to develop the story behind it and tell that story to my target audience. 

Screenshot 2019-11-24 at 12.48.37

Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 07.31.23

Going back to my initial research for this project and where I started, I thought it was best to reevaluate why I have chosen these London women and make it clear why we should take inspiration from them, and what they have in common with the young footballers today. 

I want to make that statement very clear. That these young footballers are taking inspiration from them and walking in these women’s footsteps.

Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 07.31.30

I listed words to describe each of my chosen women in time, words that resonate with these young footballers. I want to bring these words in to help me develop this campaign.


Using the patterns I created I developed some initial looks at how I could use them within women’s football apparel, it was extremely basic, however, it began to give me ideas for a number of new routes that I could go down.

I need to work on the campaign itself more before designing the apparel itself. I need to bring in the words I produced to focus on equality as opposed to the 5 women I have selected. This will then give me more content to produce better designs for the women’s football apparel.

Next week I want to develop the campaign more and possibly experiment with different outputs for the campaign. Such as moving image, poster, packaging for postage, or social media indents. All of these will help develop my campaign and in turn, help me develop the apparel.


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