Concept Development

Module 4. Brief 2. Week 8.

Methodologies for thinking and development process

Now I have given myself some routes I could possibly go down this week I will begin to develop these concepts. I want to experiment as much as I can with as many ideas as I can. Sketching, illustrating, collaging, digitally design, photograph. 

I will begin to seek advice from people involved with women’s football and possibly get some advice or feedback from my initial ideas. 

By the end of this week, I should have a range of concepts that I could further develop or merge into an outcome over the coming weeks.


This week we discuss the methods and approaches we take to aid idea generation and an in-depth project outcome. Many of the ideas discussed are ones we hear time and time again. But reiterating these before the start of this week is great inspiration for me to produce a range of great ideas to work with.

I should play with all the ideas that come to mind. trial and error will always be the best way of developing an idea. Trying even the silly ideas or ideas that I think probably won’t work will all give me a better idea of what will work and lead on to producing something better. 

I need to experiment in areas that I havent had much experience with, use my hands and get messy with my ideas. By messing things up by getting everything down on paper I can have some fun with it. This will produce the best work.

Look at the bigger picture. Thinking outside the box and producing something that might not answer the brief directly. Trying out ideas that only partly answers the question. Producing something that is both successful and unique.


How do you ensure you create a broad and imaginative selection of ideas for your project?

I’m planning on taking the three routes that I’ve made for this project last week and develop a range of outcomes for each of those three briefs. I want to ensure that I produce a wide range of possible routes. I do not want to leave any stone unturned in case I miss something. 

I also want to interview someone involved with women’s football before taking any of these ideas further, in case there is something I a missing, or if there are any other obvious routes relating to what I am covering.


Develop a broad selection of visual ideas appropriate for the project’s needs, which encourage you to push ideas above and beyond the designated strategy.

Image 2To begin conceptualising my ideas that I began forming last week, I wanted to interview someone who is involved in women’s football. My sister who is 16 has trained with Chelsea academy and played for a number of women’s teams. I wanted an opinion on the project routes, from the perspective of my target audience. I showed her my three routes and noted down her thoughts on each one and how she envisions these ideas being used. 

Her pride of London


  • brings light to women before us who have allowed us this opportunity – I know only four people in that list.


  • illustrations within the apparel, similar to the Chelsea kit design that Chelsea has.
  • Specific items for each woman in time from London.
  • Supporters flags/scarves

Ahead of her time


  • It is an interesting topic although don’t see how this is specific to women


  • Items that’s stand out from the norm – look different such as glowing
  • Thermal fabrics would be interesting if you could have a pattern that changes as you played

It’s about time


  • It’s important that I’ve highlighted that the fight is not over yet
  • There is so much still to change, such as the pay is still off
  • Still appreciating the people who have got us to the point we are at the moment
  • Sending out the right message


  • bring together the previous two ideas to promote ‘about time’ campaign
  • Making a boot that can be seen as women’s from a distance.
  • Adidas Copa’s boots – 18’s – remade them the same
  • We want comfort, durability, solid, ascetics,
  • The technology could help improve  – e.g. self-cleaning

Overall from this, I have realised that I should be focusing on the campaign and what message I am trying to put out there. Which is the third idea, ‘It’s About Time’. Rather than choosing one single route, I should work the other two ideas into the campaign of the third idea. It gave me more insight into what footballers want, need, and how they feel about the topic. 

This was only an evaluation of ideas, I want to run a full interview next week possibly to get more clarity on the topic as I develop the project more.

Conceptualising the ideas.

Developing on what I learnt from this short interview, I want to focus on the campaign, ‘It’s About Time’, but worth in my first idea, powerful London Women that made a difference in history. This idea is to inspire the women who are continuously working to make a difference by reminding them of the women before them. This reminds them how they, at this moment in time, are making a difference in equality for women.

I want to focus on just 5 women as this is a short period of time. If I had the time and resources I could look at a lot more but I want to focus on conceptualising an idea for now.

Augusta Ada King

Countess of Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer, chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. [Wikipedia]

Born: 10 December 1815, London

Died: 27 November 1852, Marylebone, London

Emmeline Pankhurst

British political activist and organizer of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote. [Wikipedia]

Born: 15 July 1858, Moss Side, Manchester

Died: 14 June 1928, Hampstead, London

Charlotte Cooper Sterry

English female tennis player who won five singles titles at the Wimbledon Championships and in 1900 became Olympic champion. In winning in Paris on 11 July 1900, she became the first female Olympic tennis champion as well as the first individual female Olympic champion. [Wikipedia]

Born: 22 September 1870, Ealing, London

Died: 10 October 1966, Helensburgh

Helen Patricia Sharman

CMG, OBE, HonFRSC is a chemist who became the first British cosmonaut and the first woman to visit the Mir space station in May 1991. [Wikipedia]

Born: 30 May 1963 (age 56 years), Sheffield

Space missions: Soyuz TM-12, Soyuz TM-11

Spacetime: 7d 21h 13m

Jane Austen

English novelist known primarily for her six major novels, which interpret, critique and comment upon the British landed gentry at the end of the 18th century. Austen’s plots often explore the dependence of women on marriage in the pursuit of favourable social standing and economic security.[Wikipedia]

Born: 16 December 1775, Steventon

Died: 18 July 1817, Winchester

Once I had the women that I wanted to work into my campaign, I wanted to begin illustrating them. I wanted to begin mocking up ideas of how I could work these women into designs for a campaign, and in turn football apparel and kits for women and men.

I used acetate to trace images of the women, I wanted to make sure I illustrated them in a way that was recognisable that it was them and highlighted what it was they were famous for. To do this I either selected images that had items with them that related to what they did or added it in afterwards myself.




It'sAboutTime copy

IMG_6936 Now I had content I needed to produce some initial ideas to how this would work on women’s football apparel. These illustrations are detailed and bold, I don’t want them to distract from the kit itself, (with the names and numbers on the back, emblem etc.).

I began sketching up some t-shirts to mock up some of the original ideas. I wanted to create some templates for me to begin adding some of the ‘women of the past’ content too. I sketched some electrodes and sensors to experiment with my initial ideas. 

After drawing up some sketches I scanned them in which now means I can play around with all my designs digitally.

Shirts-02 copy


This is the very first step of my experimentation. I have a lot more to go, however, I have already given myself a better direction that I want to drive my work into. 

I have clearly outlined that I want to work towards the, ‘It’s About Time’, campaign. I have started producing some ideas, next week I want to be producing a lot more content.

I will try experimenting with different media, colours, and putting together some full kit designs. This will give me more clarity on what it really is I want to produce as an outcome for this project.

I now want to start using the illustrations of the women on the kits, similarly to how the 2019/20 Chelsea kit [1] has illustrations on. As well as this, I want to start focusing on generalised kits, and possibly designing an England Women’s kit.





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