Trend Analysis

Module 4. Project 2. Week 7.

Last week I clarified my chosen brief and my interpretation of it via a short video to my tutors, peers, and to myself. This allowed me to clearly understand what I am trying to achieve. 

I want to highlight the power that young women hold, as shown by the increase of following in recent years and months in women’s football. I want to express how strong and successful they have been and how other young women can follow in their footsteps. 

Highlighting this power using products designed for women in football and a range of casual wear alongside it. Targeting all young women; involved in the sport or not. There will also be a range of male products adapted from the originals to illustrate the experience women are continuing to have.

This week I will be researching the aspects of my chosen topic, as I outlined last week. I will also be developing my research to include trend forecasting. Evaluating where and how I see my product and campaign working. Finding products and designers that are trying to achieve the same as I am.


How do themes and trend forecasts help to ensure a project is planned and positioned effectively to deliver its strategic goals?

The practitioners this week spoke to us about trends. Most trends allow us to anticipate the future of a topic. We can see if things are not good and allows us to change them.

Trends can also overwhelm us with too many things. Understandably, I have been looking a trend this week and there is so much speculation on any specific topic. You can theorise to your heart’s content but its what you do with that information. 

They could allow me to see if something is worth doing. Focusing in on a specific niche or area within a topic may help understand a specific area. Thinking about my project with women’s football, the future prediction is clear that there will be an increase of interest in this topic. However, theres many topics that will be unclear of prediction. Spending the time to analyse its future can let me know if it’s worth my time. If it is, it will help me see where I can find that information.

An important reason for forecasting trends at the moment is to see how technology is going to help the target market. Technology and its development might have a big impact on the topic at hand. New development in the market might mean there will be a gap in the market or the complete opposite. 

I have to be aware that by the time this product launches, the world will be a different place. I need to think at least 2 years ahead at all times.


Tinker Hatfield, the designer who created the original design for Jordan Air shoes. Someone who thought deeply about the market they were targeting and designed to fit a certain niche. The article, Building a Shoe [1], inspired me in this initial stage of apparel design. Now needing to focus back to the brief I have given myself and the way designers have attempted to tackle the problems already.

Cassie Looker, a Nike global lead for woman’s football apparel for 17 years. She designed the Australian Matildas Women’s football kit. Urban street culture and the Australian countryside is reflected through the design in the kits while ensuring they are a fun and empowering design suitable for the 20-25 year old that would be wearing them. She has used more than colour and style, she has use pattern and small details to express the nation’s story through the kit. 

Cassie has risen to fame after designing the Women Worl Cup 2019 kits for every nation, every kit is different from the male counterparts. Which she states, ‘is a big moment. These teams have different identities, even to their male compatriots. I think it’s really going back to listening to athletes and listening to what they want and I think they really led us into this new space in creating these bespoke kits.’


Create a series of positioning statements and approaches that address the strategy already outlined for your project plan. Show evidence of how trends (and other emergent fields of practice) can be evaluated, to ensure the direction of your strategy is effectively aligned to your project requirements. Please ensure your approach is innovative, original and brings new insights to the given subject area.

Develop a mood board to show a minimum of three different positionings, with each expressed visually and titled appropriately.

This week I’m looking at trend forecasting, predicting and analysing the future of the topic I am looking at. With women’s football becoming such an emerging field and a hot conversation topic, there is a lot to forecast. With so many routes to look down this week, I can view three separate routes and focus on one of them for the continuation of the project.

Her Pride Of London

A history of women in time. This timeline of strength will inspire with a constant reminder on our shirt. The inspiration that these footballers bring is monumental and is its own marker in the history of women in London. This route would entail designing women’s football apparel that reiterates our story in time in our city we love, worn by those who support our journey.

Ahead Of Her Time

Women’s football has escalated as a colossal rate. Projecting the future trends of women’s football, I will design apparel that mirrors the speed that our ladies are gain recognition. Divining future technologies to produce a kit that glows, that changes, that teaches. Using sensors, LED’s, tracking technology, thermal fabrics, that is ahead of its time as much as the women wearing it.

New fabrics and technologies [3] are being discovered every day, this project will be a chance to test theories.

It’s About Time

Finally. Women are being recognised for the skill they have. There was a time, only 50 years ago, that the FA banned women’s football from its clubs’ grounds. Fast-forward to the London Wembley Arena selling out all 90,000 tickets to watch our Lionesses play. A kit that appreciates how far we have come, thanks the women that brought us here, but does not let us give up the fight. It’s about time, but the fights not over yet.

  • Beatrix Potter
  • Helen Sharman
  • Princess Diana
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Charlotte Cooper
  • Emmeline Pankhurst
  • Ada Lovelace
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Jane Austen


This week I have collated my ideas for the Adidas brief into 3 tangible routes that I can go on to develop. They are all different with their own personalities. I want to go on to explore how developing on any one of these ideas may turn out. I want to explore all routes and avenues. 

I am very excited about the routes I have chosen as all three are very unique and are strong responses to the original brief.

New week I will begin to develop a full concept. I will take this opportunity to test and experiment with different ideas and see what might work with this project.



  1. Building a Shoe
  2. Cassie Looker – WWC 2019 Kits
  3. New fabrics and technologies


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