Competitive Context

Module 4. Brief 2. Week 5.

Brief 2. Industry Set – This second brief is called ‘Industry Set’, which considers how to select, research, develop and deliver one of four project briefs, which have been preselected for you to choose from.

Selecting, building project experience, competitiveness, & case studies

This week is the beginning of this 8-week industry set project brief. I will be presented the 3 project briefs to choose from. I will have to get to understand each brief to

I will need to come up with 3 project routes and write 200 words about each project to outline the pro’s, con’s, and how it works to the project brief. I then should begin research to help develop these ideas and the competitor designers working in the same sector.


This week the creative practitioners answer the question:

How do you research and identify new industry projects or opportunities that you would like to participate in?

I found most of the practitioners had clients come to them because of the work they produce. When they do reach out it is usually for personal preference – choosing a project that relates to something they care about; such as designing for good.

Designing for good is a perspective that most designers aim for in this age of extinction rebellion, equality and awareness of mental health among other topics. Being passionate and responsible for the clients they select to work with to make sure they are working on projects that purely focus on positive outcomes in the world around us.

I found the most resonating advice was from Torsten Posselt, Executive design director at PELT. He spoke about working on projects that you have no connection with. I initially thought this is bad advice, as you should care about the work you are producing. However, he spoke about the positive ways of looking at new topics and new perspectives. Taking it as an opportunity to look at a new area and learning something new. This can lead to better my results and outcomes, as it is a chance to open your eyes to other areas that I may not find interesting until you spend the time researching and getting to know that topic inside and out.

I found this advice very useful to me as I have always felt I knew the area of design I wanted to work in and for. I have always focused on producing work that is for the good of mental and physical health awareness. This has been the case through most of my professional career. Posselt’s comments made me realise that I have excluded a wealth of other topics that I have never had the experience of learning.


There are 3 project briefs for me select, or I could optionally go out and find my own brief that I want to work on. I felt like I wanted to work on either the first or second brief. The live or the concluded international competition brief. To decide I looked at both a little further.

International Competition (Live)

  • Creative Conscience is a global movement that improves the communities we live and work in, helping to transform the wider world. We promote a socially valuable, human-centred design that enables and inspires people to change their lives and the lives of those around them for the better.
  • Negative experiences happen in all of our lives, mental health issues can affect anyone.
  • How can you use creative skills to aid those with mental health issues?

This would be the project I would 100% go for. This brief could be that of many of my personal projects I have worked on, including my Project 1, self-initiated project. Though, as I am beginning to realise, I should try to experience new topics and give myself an opportunity to research something new. 

International Competition (Concluded)

  • Adidas related project – revolving around how a sporting/clothing product can help the developing age group of 17-25 year olds in a chosen city.
  • Focus on one, more or all of Adidas’ key cities (Paris, London, Berlin, LA, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Moscow). The sport(s) can be any that Adidas have an established connection to. And the issues to address are up to you. What’s the relationship between the city, the sport, the issue?

This brief took my attention as it was very specific. The details were all outlined and the question was clear, especially compared to the first brief that was very broad. I also found this topic interesting as I have never worked on a brief like this before. Taking the advice of Torsten Posselt, I want to spend the next 8 weeks on this projects researching and learning a new topic and producing work on a project that is out of my comfort zone.


Choose one of the four preselected ‘Industry Set’ project briefs that you would like to develop and deliver over the next eight weeks.

Research and discover three creative studios, agencies or practitioners who have created competing projects in a similar field to your chosen brief.

Write a 200 word synopsis for each of the three competing projects, to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

The Adidas brief asks a clear question, what’s the relationship between the city, the sport, the issue? Designing a sporting/clothing product to help the developing age group of 17-25-year-olds in a chosen city with this issue. 

After the 2019 FIFA Womens World Cup, we had the first taste of what could be a future of women’s equal support in the sport. The nation stood up and became aware of our team for the first time. Countries such as America, South Africa, New Zealand have already gained the support of their nation. England are still a few steps behind.

Men’s football is continuously talked about. If not because of the game, the scores, the dedicated support of a team, the hooligans, because of the extortionate amount of money they earn. They earn millions. Whereas our national ladies up until this year needed to have part-time jobs to survive as they weren’t paid enough to get by. 

Nike released this advert before the FIFA Women’s World Cup this summer. It sends shivers down my spine every time I watch it. Its powerful campaign inspired women to stand up for themselves, children to have an opportunity and be fearless, men to see they have competition. It made people realise that we live in a world where everyone can be powerful and strong. It was highlighting the importance of the sport but it was sending a greater message – to ‘Dream Further’. 


#inyourname – This German campaign run by Adidas won the Webby Award for ‘Best Viral PR Campaign’, telling women to “believe in your damn self”, using only their shirts. By simply swapping their names on their jerseys to twitter posts that empowered young women, they made a lasting impression. The shirts sold out. This campaign is a key competitor for me for this brief – it shows just how powerful clothing can be and how it can really make a difference. 

The reason it works so well is that they have let their people talk, all they have done has given their words meaning by putting it on their shirts. They are showing how these positive words are more important than their names because it is the future women footballers that they are aiming at and giving hope to. It is a simple campaign, and it wasn’t the most heard about, but it shows how clothing can be a tool to speak out and get attention.

Soccer Girl Problems –  A site that promotes women football using social media, relatable content, and merchandise that raises the awareness of equality in the sport.

Their mission statement – ‘We aim to encourage the well-being and positive self-image of female athletes everywhere. Through this lifestyle brand, we aim to establish a sense of unity & sisterhood in the female soccer community, empowering girls to be comfortable in their own skin!’

They are targeting young girls who are footballers and giving them support. However, they could be outreaching to highlight this cause to supporters to make a statement. They clearly have found a gap in the market and could take this opportunity further. 

Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 21.12.48Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 21.12.41


I have gone out of my comfort zone this week. Choosing a project that I have no prior knowledge in is a bold step and I am glad I have done it. I aim to produce a successful outcome for a cause that is extremely important in a world of feminism and equality. I am excited to begin this project and putting my skills into a new topic.




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