Infusion – Development

Name change –

Creative Infusion has now become Infusion. One word, must simpler, more unique, sums up both the tea flavours and artistic flavours.

Organisation –

We didn’t see everyone from the group for a while and we started to get disorganised again. Although we have made ourselves a Facebook group to post ideas and stay connected, lack of physical communication in the group was proving difficult to stay on top of our plan. So we met up yesterday with the majority of the group. This allowed us to re-assign everyone to roles as we found new tasks for everyone. As well as everyone creating their individual design, these were the roles everyone had.

Branding/Packaging – Me, Zee, Victoria

Kickstarter Video РRhiannon, Carla, Harriet

Social Media – Jessica, Harriet

Progress –

We have decided that we are all going to design a pattern or illustration we feel represents our personal flavour, and one person from our team, (Victoria), will digitally design them. This way every design is personal to the illustrator, but they will all flow and have a similar craft.

Here are some of the patterns she has made so far:

My Progress –

I have taken one of these designs and made it my own for my flavour and also started thinking about applying it to example packaging


We decided through discussion that our final packaging should be a unique box that customers can quickly identify as ours. Through research we finally decided that a round  cylinder shaped box would be unique to teas. Not only would this be stand out for a singular box of tea, but for gift boxes and larger box sets, a stout round cylinder box would be unique and alluring.

My next move in this project is to mock up some designs for this packaging and put everyones patterns on the packaging.

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