Laser Cutting Induction & Initial Prototype

Previous to the session i did some final thinking on what i really want to create. I came up with 3 key points, i want to create something that:

  • works as a plant pot holder
  • can be a movable sculpture
  • has a turning mechanism around one centre point, (like a tube/stick)

The videos of John Edmark’s work inspired me create something a little less mathematically advanced during the laser cutting workshop.

We had to have an initial induction to the machine and mechanics behind it. What it can and can’t cut and why. What its mostly used for. What you can do with it, ect. Then we had the option of creating something if we had anything ready.

After purchasing some 3mm plywood from a nearby shop i printed my first work. The machine worked really well for me and i loved the physical feel of the cut wood. For intricate designs and shapes laser cutting is definitely the tool to use.

Screenshot 2017-05-02 17.45.20.png

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